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Creating a reusable widget with AngularJs

What is a directive? Angular’s directives are very powerful components, they are able to control how a page renders in many different ways, many of the tags and attributes that are bundled with angular are it self directives. We can use them creating HTML widgets which will have a specific purpose and the idea is …

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Language ATL (Atlas Transformation Language)

The transformation from one model to another one is an important aspect  in the software oriented to models development and ATL, language gives some tools for this transformations. To perform transformations with ATL developers have to mix imperative programming with  declarative programming, since ATL is a hybrid between these two programs. Declarative programming aims to …

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Introduction to AutoHotKey: firsts steps

We all find ourselves at some point with problems that happen once and again, no matter what they are, that take a lot of our time. Many decide to keep on doing the same overwhelming tasks over and over, others decide to create their own solution. Maybe we find ourselves dealing with a particular problem …

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